Hey guys,

This is me, Lindsay 🙂 reaching out with many messages yet to flow forth. From the depths of the Universe, we have come here to explore love itself and see where the journey can take us! What an exciting time we are experiencing!?! Right? I wanted to start this blog off with my simple intention and that is:

I wish to be intuitively guided to share what I have seen, felt, and experienced along my journey thus far with intentions to purposefully reach resonance with the hearts who are seeking out the same ::: “to simply feel heart resonance”:::. I wish to feel this space, be a place where our Journeys may be heard and lift us, expand us, and most importantly ground us into this beautiful experience we ARE...life on Earth.

Furthermore, as the name of this space presents itself “Ascension Journeys” it is all about positioning ourselves at a higher level of power within ourselves. This is just one of the many labels of self-empowerment we have here but let it not distract anyone ;). This name just means something to me because it was the word I typed into Google Search as I was seeking out “heart resonance” from our Universe. I send it all... and cheers to this new adventure for me ;).

With much Gratitude,

Lindsay Anngel

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