you have to trust before you trust

the free flowing meditative mind we find in the before before trust : does not have a thinking brain.

such as this:

i just really have to wonder to many things. so many places my mind is going.  what about my body as she stays waiting and complacent like a prison? the thought redirecting to positive is consistent. it is reoccurring.  who is fighting back to say no: get your energy straight you cant fool me.

What do you see? the part of you that cant just be freed?

she just is in a prison inside this body. everytime she feels stuck: her triggers are lust.  lust in relations concerning outside love and lust in relations concerning outside nourishment.  no matter who or what we put in our cells. does not and should not determine the floor walls.

they are semi permeable with breath, thought and intention. moldable, adaptable to situations as they present themselves so willingly --

the universe is outside us but how to build a universe inside the focus


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