The Flight

Lately Life has been giving signs which entertain the depth of “the Power of Thought”.

Sometimes, if we use a positive affirmation, we may be pushing dirt under the rug of a repetitive “more difficult” experience to be in.

The lesson of loss is the illusion of lack.  So real when experiencing the departure of a loved pet. I am beginning to see it is not the power of positive thinking that will save me out of this one.  it is the power of feeling indepthly what this animal has sacredly sacrificed as a learning lesson, a cleansing session within my soul, the purity is well beyond ego: the purity is beyond the power of thought.  It just is. An experience in my wholeness- that reminds me of every aspect of my self.  My greatest self is reminded of how much to love all animals and people in every given majestic moments.

His departure leaves a scar on my soul.  Re-paring wounds I never could have healed let alone known they were there without his companionship.


In Life we can only be so blessed

to be able to put something to rest

it is, then we truly wake 

from an unaltered state. 

Where he looks down upon us, through us he states…

if only we could be so lucky…

been so lucky.

The truth rings through and through, 

never actually turning blue…

just vibrant and alive with all the colors. 

“This Is The Rainbow Bridge” 



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