Reflection Reading

To book a session, please send me an email for scheduling.

Please note as of right now, Ascension Journeys is funded by donations.

In this session I am offering my gift of reflection where we dive into unseen blockages to help aid light positively on your Journey.

    • Imagine being able to have a conversation with your self through the mirror that I provide and finding the space to navigate more clearly the work you wish to wash into clarity. #Reflection
    • I offer space for high energy connection of heart resonance through the truth of one on one heart hearings. #Reflection
        • Through Reflection we can be seen.


What will we gain?

We will gain Guidance into self! A deeply satisfying feeling to know we are listening to our selves provides freedom to our true nature.

Reaching out and reflecting with others in a time of self growth is significant and beautiful.  Actually, it is a way of truly reaching in.

I personally find without the spiritual resonance and guidance from others I would not be in the position I find myself here today.

Easy to Connect

We can discuss connection purposes for the session through email.


Preparing for the Session…

    • An Open Mind!
    • Come with your own unique intention for this session.
    • Allow space in your surroundings for your own Clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions