Introduction: “The Shift”

“Ascension Journeys” was inspired by one girl and her shift. And…what she had to go through from being a soul who was pleased with who she was to a soul who had to understand who she was in the unknown…

This is a story highlighting her adventure of pushing boundaries of societal norms with an undeniable sense of guidance into something unpaved by logic. All along the journey, the things that took place, one by one, were a precursor of information, knowledge and wisdom about the shift.

Her inspiration and communication with oneself had been a gradual unfolding process that had always drove her with perpetual interest. She was surprised to find this guiding voice coming from inside of her own mind yet clearly unmatched to her own ideas.  Before she knew it, her mind was awake to a whole new book inside of itself.

What would it take to answer the soul’s call into the mystery? She was quite comfortable in her own shoes, in the life she had created. She was a yoga teacher by day and a massage student by night. Thinking to herself, what a crazy feeling…that would keep her up at night wondering what theses forces behind her heart were leading her to feel and experience.

It was evident she was being asked to jump, and so she did.  Gifting away her life, her possessions, and beliefs, to shift naked in faith.  And as the story goes, all the characters she encountered along her way were gravitational forces for seeing the intricacy of each individuals heart, where we all come together to become one.  The great mirror was exposed into depths of understanding life beyond her wildest imagination where…

…she found herself in the adventure.