Human Natures Dance

When you open yourself up to forever, forever ceases to exist. 
The present moment becomes all encompassing and blinding you of past conditioning. 
There are beliefs set in place from past endeavors that 'can be' superseded by the powerful force of Divine Love. 
Shining down to evaporate all you once knew into something too new you never knew anything better had existed...
So when we snap back into a place of duality or the yang disrupting the yin we take a hard look at "what is real" and "what is logical". 
Does logic play the game of the powerful manifestation of divine intervention? 
I think not but again I speak from logic. 
Paint a picture of Human Nature's creature: flowing a duet of following spirit in an earth body suited with logic. 
But in these rare moments of divine intertwine...
Take them in softly, Savor them in sweetly.
Because they swiftly leave our aromas grounding us into our brains who have to train to know where the reigns will lead them next. 
And so it is...a Dance.

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