Poems to the Stars of Serenity

This Feeling. I sit with her again.

But this time it is different.

She is being watched by someone outside of herself.

The clarity between the two sparks little to no seperation.


That conversation and that observation dont work here.

That “only stillness” can be found within the stillness.

So she sits still.

Still enough to hear the birds chirp.

Still enough to feel her bed beneath her bum.

As she is still her eyes water up with rivers

as the feeling bubbles rapids behind her throat.

THe exhale draws bloodflow to her heart,

purifying her mind

With quiet spaces in between of unknowingness of grief.

Sometimes we dont have to know says the quiet voice.

The rapids build up into a damn.

Closed spaces of where things need to have a reason to be sad.

Things need to have a reason to exist.

Isnt her stillness just enough.

Isnt her eye site just enough.

Ah…sigh of relief.

She found the stillness, she found the acceptance.

It was easier this time.

I am grateful.

To catch a moment before it was washed away in the rapid…

To take that moment and transform it into a place

A place where stillness and acceptance create gratitude gates.

Portals of Space.

Lightness of Being.

Acceptance of All Seeing.

Known be not known and Unknown truly shown.

We walk the valley of the shadow of death

And in turn we do not dwell here.

We honor our existence and acceptance

And simply move on in energetic waves.

There is no label just the feeling we know as stable.

We choose what this may be. What do you Choose to be?

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