My Soul’s Power.

Ever Beginning Spiral,

How do we learn you?

“Ya you’re the guru now, so visualize healing”-Nahko

What does inner peace that is never shaken look like? Is it inevitable that we shift shake and snake towards a shadow side that needs to be looked at.  How does this look like? How does this feel like? Is it different every time?

It feels deeper every time I come back around finding these core beliefs in wonderment of their lessons.  I get “sick” of feeling “sick”.  I am fed up with the inevitable.  This life is beautiful, I can see this. This life is taunting and terrorizing, I can see this.  Where we take it and dive deep is where our deepest records can be rewritten.

Navigation of this life is…something.  It is something to be honored because as we navigate strong and stronger each time, we are able to dive deeper into the roots of soul sorrow. Soul calling to be heard and healed and forgiven and released.

This is my passion.  This writing is where I find my release, this life is where I find my embodiment now.  And grateful I am even through the hardest of times.  How do I manage the consistent ever persistent deep exhales of pure exhaustion?  Well, I never know until I am in it once again. As an intuitive I work in the present moment and in times of service and of High Love Light energy this serves me well.  It is “harder” to perceive this as a gift as I walk into darkness as an intuitive.  I have visions which point towards its importance.  I have visions that direct emotions running through me that feel like hurricane explosions.

Both these times, high and low, as they spiral through me– take all that was once perceived as knowing and turn them into abyss.  Turn them into fairy dust. Not the happy go lucky kind.  The kind that rocks your world upside down for another spin.

how does your soul power work?

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