Meet Lindsay

called to action as:

A Resonance Writer


Learning to live and give in a heart centered presence is my themed embodiment.



My vision of a healthy world is sharing heart resonance.  To see feel and connect with the depths of one another's journeys, this heartfelt gaze shows to empower individuals…. guiding us to shine the light where we intuitively feel to grow towards. In my experience, connecting with others has inspired my soul to remember more of its vibrance, my true self. And so, I wish this upon this space


I have always been a dreamer, a type of head in the heavens.  I enjoy testing the boundaries of beliefs and making friends with the unfathomable.  I continue to unearth secrets within myself, bringing them forth as new tools I use in my everyday intuition.

Along my path I have plenty of "seed of faith" stories that keep me guessing.  How does she do it? Where does it come from? How did she get there? She brought nothing? She just believed. In the Journey.


Lindsay is currently writing "up to date experiences" through her channeled inner expression of resonance writing.