2019: My Cup is Full

Dear 2019…”I am Strong and I am REady” is the mantra playing in my head. After a long introspective year in my pocket and the last few months playing an integral part in my ascension journey I am now understanding what it feels like to have my cup Full. I rejoice.

I woke up in a different space this morning. It wasn’t different in a place of location, actually is was one I have been most familiar with on this planet, but it was different in an aspect of a dawning of a new cycle: “Acting from a place of Full-ness”. I saw: nothing had changed on the surface by much to see or nothing had changed in my circumstances yet the magic underneath it all was full. I was not pouring over with bliss sensations, rather I was focused on the undercurrent of this life breathing in my cells feeling i am steady, hydrated, aware, conscious, healthy, able to create, well-rested, listening. I thought to myself and maybe some days in this new cycle this feeling may feel as bliss or may have some other emotion attached to it. But the undercurrent I found was confidence in fullness and that is the undercurrent of this message I share today.

Let us who are Strong and Ready bee contained by our self made conditions. What are the conditions you would like to have in place for your journey? For All Souls, i repeat for all souls, this takes time to listen and sort through the ways society has conditioned us to be. It is our time to take back our power and strength in forming our own conditions. After much trial and tribulations I have found mine to be simple ‘clarity’ of mind body spirit, ‘containment’ in a safe sacred space whether in room or on the road, ‘devotion’ to spirit in all my interactions and connections, and ‘faith’ in my emotions whichever way duality flows. These are my conditions. They are self-made by me. I encourage others to do the same. I see others and you who is reading this to do the same. As we take our conditions back to our self we continuously can flow with life in a way of checking in most flow. This flow can be seen as water filling up our cups. The depth of our meaning in life is unique to each soul and i repeat unique.

Where do you find your unique Conditions?

The self made conditions set a base work, a vessel, to hold the undercurrent of strength and readiness to concur our worlds -within- and -without-. This is where our cups are full to spill over. As I ask spirit, she speaks “when the cup is full, the best way to move forward in magic and powerful imagination is to utilize the creative energy where we play-fully express and distribute out recyclable energy.” To me, this looks like devotional dance, drinking water :), soothing music, creative writing and as the momentum of my days build I connect with others in various ways.

The key word I wish to address in this “article” is recyclable. It matters not the circumstances or situation or bubble baths or perfect situation the place may or may not give. —-There is a duty to recycling to a full cup—- It simply means, for me personally, to allow enough time and space to feel whatever I need to feel. It is like an energetic reset. Absorbing reflecting moving clearing cleansing. Washing.

I hope this new year brings truth and beauty into the vibration of each unique soul.

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